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Title Deeds Executed 1850 - 1853 Alphabetical Lists of Surnames

NSW Government Gazettes 1850,1851,1852,1853

This is a consolidated index of surnames which appear in the lists of "Title Deeds Executed" published in the NSW Government Gazettes for the years 1850 to 1853. Included are land titles for various institutions such as churches and National Schools. These are usually listed under the locality.

The lists include title deeds for the Port Phillip and Moreton Bay districts.

Image files of the original records in the Government Gazettes are available to subscribers to the IHR document service. The original records contain information about the lot number if a town lot and the number of acres if a country lot.

The indexes to which the links below are connected give the surname, the year of the Government Gazette and the number of pages in which the name appears. Note that a particular name may appear several times on the same page.

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