Copyright © Cathy Dunn 1996

Extracts from Ladies of the Royal Admiral 1792.

ISBN 0 958786 0 3.

Published January 1996

Milton NSW.



The ship indents included 6 convicts who actually arrived on the next sailing ship - Bellona. Also some women listed on bound indent were already in Australia, arriving on the Kitty. Also some women were missing on the indent but their names appear in Log Entries.


NAMES Status Age

ALLEN, Elizabeth. Convict aka Elizabeth Walker. 23 yrs.

ALLEN, Margaret. Bellona Connection.

AUSTIN, Lydia. Convict wife.

BALLARD,Susannah. Convict.

BARNES, Hannah. Royal Admiral 1800 Connection.

BAXTER, Sarah. Soldiers Wife.

BURT, Sarah. Convict.

CAHALL, Sarah. Convict. 25 years.

CASE, Ann. Bellona Connection.

COOPER, Ann. Convict.

COX, Ann. Convict.

DAVIS, Racheal. Kitty Connection.

DIBBS, Sarah. Soldiers Wife.

EVANS, Catherine. Convict.

EZZY, Jane. Convict Wife.

EZZY, Louisa. Convict daughter see mother Jane Ezzy.

FOWLER, Ann. Convict.

FUDGE, Priscilla. Convict alias Elizabeth Williams.

GRAHAM, Mary. Convict. 27 years

GREEN, Mary. Convict.

GUEST, Silette. Convict.

HARDING, Elizabeth. Convict.

HAYDOCK, Mary Convict. aka James Burrows.

HIGGINSON, Sarah. Convict.

HOLLOWAY, Ann. Bellona Connection.

HOLMES, Ann. Convict.

HOOLEY, Mary. Convict.

HOOTEN, Jane. Convict.

HOY, Jane. Convict.

HYLAND, Elizabeth. Kitty Connection.

JAMIESON, Mary. Official's wife.

JENKINS, Mary. Convict.

KENDALL, Mary. Convict.

KENNEDY., Ann Convict/Soldiers Wife.

KEYS, Ann. Bellona Connection, see Ann Case.

KIRK, Mary. Convict.

LACEY, Sarah. Convict Wife.

LOVERIDGE, Charlotte. Baby born on voyage.

LOVERIDGE, Infant girl. See mother Priscilla Loveridge.

LOVERIDGE, Mary. Convict.

LOVERIDGE, Priscilla. Convict.

MARCH, Winifred. Convict.

MARSH, Ann. Convict.

MATTHEWS, Elizabeth. Convict.

McKINNON, Margaret. Convict.

METCAFLE, Margaret. Convict.

MORSE, Ann. Convict.

O'BRIEN, Mary. Bellona Connection.

PEAT, Mary. Infant. 2 years.

PEAT, Phoebe. Settlers wife.

PHILLIPS, Jenny. Convict aka Sarah Burt.

POWELL, Elizabeth. Convict. 19 years.

REVELL, Frances. Convict.

SCOTT, Ann. Convict.

SMITH, Mary. Convict.

SMITH, Sarah. Convict.

SPRINGATE, Eleanor. Infant. Born on ship in Port Jackson

SPRINGATE, Mary. Convict.

STEVENS, Frances. Convict.

TATE, Sarah. Convict.

TERRY, Elizabeth. Convict. 15 years.

THOMAS, Betty. See Elizabeth Thomas.

THOMAS, Elizabeth. Bellona Connection.

THOMAS, Mary. Convict.

THOMAS, Sarah. Convict.

VALES, Ann. Convict.

VALES, Ann. Child see mother Ann Vales.

VALES, Sarah. Child see mother Ann Vales.

VILES, Ann. Convict see Ann Vales.

WADDELL, Margaret. Convict.

WALKER, Elizabeth. See Convict Elizabeth Allen.

WARING, Elizabeth. Convict wife.

WATTS, Jane. Convict.

WELLS, Mary. Convict.

WHITTLE, Elizabeth. Soldiers Wife.

WILLIAMS, Elizabeth. Convict see Priscilla Fudge.

WILSON, Ann. Convict.

WILSON, Margaret. Convict.

WOOD, Jane. Possible Royal Admiral.

WOODHOUSE, Mary. Convict.

WRAY, Harriet Convict.