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Over 30,000 pages of online records for family history research in New South Wales, Australia.

Internet History Resources gratefully acknowledges the following institutions for permission to reproduce material from their collections:

Mitchell Library, State Library of New South Wales
Dixson Library, University of New England
NSW State Records and the University of New England & Regional Archives

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About The Family History Document Service


Our service provides you with images of historical documents which contain information which can help you trace people who lived and worked in New South Wales during the period 1850 - 1920. These records complement and build on information you can obtain from the Pioneers and Births, Deaths and Marriages indexes and the Genealogical Research Kit.

The service provides records in the following categories - Directories, Electoral Rolls, Miners and Mining Leases, Land Purchasers and Lessees, Farmers, Graziers, Shearers and Station Hands, Other Occupations Including Civil Servants, Teachers etc., Voters, Petitioners, Friendly Society Members etc. We will add to the present selection as material becomes available. Research into more record sources is continuing.

Convenient Access to Sources of Information:

We give you a convenient access to records usually only available in major libraries, archives and other repositories. These records are in the form of image file extracts from the original historical documents. There are some sample images to view. All items in the Document list are already on-line unless otherwise indicated.
Each image file you request should take less than a minute to download. Once downloaded, we suggest you save or print the pages you find most useful.

How to Access the Family History Documents

You must become a member before you can access all the image files. Occasionally a small selection of records will be available free of charge for a limited period.
You will find that our service enables you to do much of the groundwork for your research at home, thereby allowing you to make better use of your time at the Archives or major library. You can use your own computer or a friend's, or access the records from an Internet cafe or your local library. We have a detailed list of the documents covered with some samples of the documents available.


Annual Subscription:

Annual fee charged to your nominated credit card account on joining. Payment by cheque or money order is also available.

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Technical notes and hints for viewing and printing the image files are available.

There is also a detailed list of the documents covered available to everybody.

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Note: these are only samples, some of them have been cropped.

Some notes about this site

This site requires a WWW browser (e.g. Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer) capable of handling forms and inline gifs.

All document image files are in black & white. Most are GIF format.
See the Technical Notes page for more details.

Contact Shirley McInnes or Angus McInnes: for more information or with any comments about this service.

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